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Our Coloring Pages : How To Print & Download

How To Print Coloring Pages/ Download PDF

Our Coloring Pages : How To Print & Download
Our Coloring Pages: How To Print & Download

1- Enter a collection or a separate coloring page of your choice of course on this website.

Print And Download Our Coloring Pages

This is what will appear in front of you.

2- Scroll down till you find where it says "Print Your Coloring Pages For Free" (It's most likely under the Tags section.

How To  Print And Download Our Coloring Pages

3- You can either click on "Print" if you want to Print your Coloring Page or Collection, or click "PDF" if you want to download it in PDF format. 
After clicking, it will redirect you to "printfriendly" website. 
This is how it will appear:

Screenshot 3

4- Delete what's unnecessary by dragging your cursor to the unneeded text or image and clicking it.

Record 1

5- After deleting the unnecessary, you will end up with that.

Screenshot 4

(For a separate Coloring Page)

Screenshot 6

(For a Collection of Coloring Pages)

You can either:

- Download the PDF by clicking the "PDF" button, clicking "DOWNLOAD", and choosing the download location.

Screenshot 7

- Or you can click "Print" so you can directly print the Coloring Pages without downloading them.

Screenshot 8

You can change the settings however you want. After doing so, you can click print and your printer will start printing them.

6- That's it! You've successfully printed your Coloring Pages and they're ready to be colored and enjoyed. 
Be creative! 💗